Autospark Special Offers

Treat your Air Conditioning System!

Is you Air Conditioning making you ill..?
There are a host of nasties breeding away in there and it may be worthwhile to treat them...

Special Offers

When you are getting your car air conditioning serviced ask about our special on 'Airconditioning Deodorising Treatment' that will remove odours and kill the mould, mildew, germs and common viruses found in your vehicle.

Just ask us about it with your next AC service, you can always rely on Autospark!

FREE Battery Check from Autospark!

Ever wondered just how reliable your vehicle's battery is..? Is is charging correctly, will it let you down, is it on the way out and in need of replacing..?

Special Offers

Just call in to an Autospark location near you for a free check, we'll give it the once-over and you get peace of mind. Add to that, we will also give you a $10 voucher to use on a new Battery if you need one or you can use it later. (Available for 4WD's, Cars & Light Commercial Vehicles)

Even if you can't rely on your current battery, you can always rely on Autospark!

FREE Headlight Check from Autospark

How many times have you been blinded by someone's headlights that are out of alignment? These days, probably quite a lot. They can hurt your eyes, blind you and generally be a distraction.

Special Offers

There seems to be a high percentage of vehicles on the road these days that fit into that category - perhaps you are even one of them... One way to not be a part of the problem is to have your vehicle's headlights checked, for free, at Autospark!

Drop in anytime and we'll be happy to check them for you. It's a little thing that goes a long way for motoring safety and the reassurance that you are not a part of the problem on WA roads. And we're sure that other Motorists will thank you for it...!

"You manage to make your customers feel important. I can't praise you highly enough for that and fixing my car in double quick time..."

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