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Dual Battery Systems

Dual batteries from just $880... (Pricing Subject to Specific Requirements)

Vehicle batteries are charged by the vehicle's alternator while the engine is running so when the engine is shut down the charging of the battery ceases. Running portable 12V appliances will draw power and reduce the power supply stored in the battery. This often results in flattening the starting battery which can then leave you stranded. Installation of a dual-battery system will help you overcome this.

Electric winches can drain significant amps from the vehicle battery quicker than an alternator can replace them so a dual-battery system can be set up so you can run the winch off both batteries. You should consider what 12V electrical items you expect to run from the dual-battery system and then calculate how much power source (watt hours) you will require to run all the items and how long you want to run the items between recharges. It is recommended you then factor in about a 25-30% safety margin. This calculation will assist in deciding the amount of amp hour battery you need.

What parts are there to dual-battery systems?

A dual-battery system consists of the two batteries with one termed as the 'primary battery' and the other the 'auxiliary battery', battery cradles, wiring for the discharging/charging system which integrates the vehicle's electrical system and a battery isolator. An optional visual read-out device can also be placed in the cab of the vehicle for you to check on the battery charging or battery power storage level.

Power Inverters

If you wish to run 240V appliances such as a 240V TV or a laptop computer in your RV from a 12V system you will need to install an inverter. An inverter is an electrical device that converts 12V Direct Current (DC) from the batteries to 240V Alternating Current (AC). Inverters also draw their power from a 12V deep cycle battery or battery bank (several batteries wired in parallel).

As inverters produce 240V always exercise caution as it is as deadly as mains power. Power inverters come in a range of models and sizes that vary in watts. If you just require power for say two lights, a radio and a small laptop computer then a 500W inverter connected to a 12V power socket may suffice but if you wish to use a larger laptop computer, DVD or TV and mobile telephone charger or a bread maker than a larger inverter would be necessary.

If you want the inverter connected into fixed wiring this work must be done by our licensed auto electricians.

Some electrical appliances have a 'start up surge' or 'peak load' when turned on which is much higher than their continuous draw or ' continuous load' so the size/capacity of the inverter will need to cope with this.

Another example is if you wish to use tools such as an electric drill then the size/capacity of the inverter would need to cope with the drill under load. Adequate power stored in the RV battery bank would also be needed.

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