What is EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection)?

Once upon a time, vehicles had Carburettors to provide a spray of fuel, mixed with air, to the engine to ignite and thereby run. These intricate devices had a cast alloy body, springs, floats, chambers, intakes, air cleaner and all manner of screws, gaskets and seals.

The 'Carbie' did its job quite well, considering the complexity of how all these things needed to wrk together in such a mechanical way. These days, the good old Carbie has pretty much gone by the wayside in favour of Electronic Fuel Injection. This system does away with a lot of the mechanics of the carburettor, instead, utilising injection fuel directly into the engine in a very efficient way.

The Electronic Fuel Injection system (or EFI) handles its job in more of a defined format, sealed away and governed by electronics to dod the work of providing fuel to your vehicle's engine.

However, as with all things, issues do occur.

Autospark specialise in the diagnosis and repair of electronic fuel injection (EFI) and its associated complex system of electronics. Our Auto Electricians are fully qualified and have complete experience on all aspects of vehicle technology. You can expect a professional service at all times together with our competitive pricing.

" I am very grateful for the hard work and research that they would have had to have done to fix the problem with my car..."

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