Communications Fitting

Communications, beyond mobiles, are a key safety feature for some, at Autospark we have a great range of GME CB Radios available to keep in touch wherever you go.

Add to that, we also have years of experience in fitting these often lifesaving devices into any vehicle. With the introduction of the narrow band 80 Channel UHF CB service in 2011, CB Radios are often a life-saving feature if your travels take you well off the beaten path.

While the devices themselves are of prime importance, the correct placement and fitting by a trained professional, is vital to have them located safely, engaged into your system correctly and thereby allowing effective and long-term reliability - often at times when you need it most.

When it comes to the fitting of communications systems, Autospark is happy to provide the sale and installation of this potentially life-saving communications technology at select Autospark locations, just ask!

"Autospark caome through and repaired it for us and been able to explain very clearly what the issue was. I can't thank you enough..."

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