Electrical Diagnosis

One area of a vehicle that can impede happy running (and a happy driver), is an electrical issue. Autospark are the specialists, with years of experience and know-how in electrical diagnosis and repair.

Todays' vehicles come with high levels of sophisticated electrical and electronic components that require an experience hand to administer, diagnose and repair or replace. Things like electronic fuel pumps, sensors, air conditioning, wiring, lighting, alternators, starter motors and electronic fuel systems to name but a few.

All of these areas are highly complex and do require skill and knowledge to get to the heart of an efficient and effective repair. Austospark specialises in electrical diagnosis in all vehcicles. Our highly trained technicians will listen to your problem and then get to work to determine the possible cause of any issue.

SMore often than not, the sophisticated systems, because of their complex nature, do take the right equipment and a skilled and experienced operator to determine any issues.
You can always rely on the trusted professionals to understand the vehicle, your problem and strive to seek the best and most cost effective repair or replacement, keeping you informed all the way.

Other Areas of Expertise
Starter Motors
Car Batteries
Driver Recorders
And much more...
"Three auto electrical experts and hundreds of dollars later, I still had the same problem. Then I took it to Autospark and they fixed it in no time..."

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