Car Air Conditioning Regas Perth, WA

To maintain your system at peak efficiency it is recommended that you have your air conditioning serviced annually. This aircon regas service involves evacuating the gas from the system, testing for leaks, then re-filling and re-pressurising the system.

Regassing your vehicles air conditioning unit is a normal part of taking care of the unit itself. Typically, this is not a part of any service plan your car may have, but potentially it may be a suggestion from the Dealer carrying out the service at some point. That said, if you want your air conditioner to continue producing good cold air on a typical Australian Summers's day, it is important to make a regas something you do at least every couple of years to maintain peak efficiency.

This is where Austospark can help, with a regas, diagnosis and advice if you suspect an issue.

Some Facts:

  • Your vehicle will need a regas every 2 years on average.
  • On average your vehicle will lose around 10 percent of the gas annually (As it loses the gas it will stop producing as much cold air as you would like).
  • Typically, a regas can take up to an hour or so, depending on the type of vehicle you have.
  • Your vehicle's air conditioner will work at peak effiency if you continue to get it regassed as required.

If you suspect your air conditioning is not performing effectively or you have not had it serviced in the last 12 months give us a call today for an aircon regas quote.

We also offer Diagnosis & Repair Services

If you have a problem with your aircon, AC, Climate Control or Car Heating system, be sure to contact us. The issue may only require aircon regas.

Autospark are the vehicle air conditioning specialists. With trained and certified technicians, we can get to the heart of the problem, fast. You can always rely on us to diagnose any problems you may be having, be it cars, vans, motor homes or trucks.

"The next day I picked up my car and everything was fixed. I was very thankful it was done so quickly, as I am lost without my car...."

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