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Autospark are the car air conditioning specialists. With a full understanding of air conditioning in all vehicles be it cars, vans, motor home and or trucks, our certified and trained technicians auto electricians will diagnose and repair the faults that main dealers and mechanics cannot find.

Cleaning your Air Conditioning System

If you notice an odd musty smell in your car it is more than likely that the aircon system needs a proper clean. The cost of cleaning the system is additional to the service and entails cleaning the entire system with a de-fungicide.

Mouldy odours are often the first sign of your cars aircon is in need of deodorising. You can grow accustomed to the very gradual onset of the smell and not realise the vehicle is contaminated. on the other hand, you could experience hay fever type symptoms, eye irritation and bronchial infections.

Mould and bacteria growth in the vehicles air conditioning system causes:

  • Unpleasant cabin spells
  • Eye & throat irritations
  • Bronchial infections
  • Allergic reactions

Interstingly, the medical profession refers to this as 'Sick Car Syndrome'. Sick Car Syndrome (SCS) is the name given to the increasing problem of mould and bacteria growth in vehicle air conditioning systems. Studies show that the dark, moist environment around the evaporator creates an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungal spores. As air passes over the evaporator these microbes become airborne and enter the passenger compartment through the dash vents.

It is very important to maintain your air conditioning system for these important reasons:

  • Fungi and bacteria can grow in car air conditioning systems and can cause allergic reactions such as hay fever, skin irritations, runny noses and itchy eyes.
  • Due to natural leakage most car air conditioning systems will lose at least 10% of refrigerant every 12 months resulting in a less powerful and less efficient system.
  • If not serviced regularly your aircon system will put a strain on the compressor which can result in the compressor wearing out quicker.

"Your prompt attention and skilled staff enabled us to be on the road again within a minimum amount of breakdown time..."

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