Reversing Cameras & Installation

Reversing Cameras from just $495... (Pricing Subject to Specific Requirements)

New cars have reversing cameras installed and now you can too!

Every week in Australia, a child is run over in the driveway of their home, yet less than 1% of the vehicles tested this year as part of (NSW) NRMA Insurance's Reversing Visibility Index received the maximum five star rating. The Index, which measures how well a driver can see out the back of a car, revealed that a number of vehicle types, especially family sedans have hazardous reversing blind areas.

Reversing Cameras & Installation
Reversing Cameras & Installation
Reversing Cameras & Installation

Car manufacturers Lexus, Mitsubishi, Toyota, BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Porsche, Volvo and Jeep have all installed reversing cameras in a number of their vehicles in an effort to prevent reversing incidents involving children. Reversing cameras can greatly improve the driver's visibility and we urge all drivers to consider reversing camera installation in their vehicle if it is not already present.

The Lexus GS430 and the Ford Territory, the only tested vehicles to be awarded the maximum five stars rating, feature enhanced reversing visibility cameras where the rim of the bumper can be easily seen, providing more perspective for the driver.

Increasingly, reversing cameras are available in luxury vehicles and 4x4s as a standard fitment, however manufacturers of family sedans are lagging behind. Reversing camera installation can result in improved visibility for many cars on our road today. A properly-installed reversing camera could in-fact give the driver the same visibility as a five-star car.

Autospark can help solve this problem on your car, efficiently and cost effectively.

Reversing Camera Installation

Not all reversing camera technology is the same, so NRMA Insurance makes the following recommendations when considering a reversing camera system for your vehicle.

Reversing cameras should:

  • Have a large field of view and be mounted so that the rear bumper bar is in view.
  • Be able to operate in low light situations.

Reversing camera displays should:

  • Be large enough to clearly view obstacles and be visible in both low light and bright conditions.
  • Be mounted so they are easily viewable when reversing but don't impede normal driving vision.

Autospark can carry out your reversing camera installation from just $495, and Reverse Parking Sensors fitted from just $455. Why not call us and discuss your requirements and have this 'most logical' device fitted to your vehicle.

To see the full results of NRMA Insurance's Reversing Visibility Index, click here to view.

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