Driver Recorders

So what are they and what do they do...?

Essentially, the Neltronics DVR-8GPS is sort of a blackbox recorder for your car. In other words, it records what is in front of you and behind you. Imagine the possiblilities of such a device. Security for starters, it records both forwards and backwards to give an almost 300 view around your vehicle - collisions, road rage, security, accidental damage, all recorded for use.

Driver Recorders

A 2.7" Windscreen DVR Drive Recorder with dual cameras and GPS Sensor- GPS scanning & positioning. This pocket sized unit combines the features and benefits of many of the high end models on the market without the accompanying high cost.

Front and rear cameras (Front lens 140 degrees, back lens 120 degrees viewing angle), built-in microphone, built-in 2.7" LCD screen, built-in rechargeable batteries, G-Sensor to monitor accident, harsh braking and acceleration, GPS for recording position, time and speed.

This unit automatically turns on and records when the vehicle starts. A highly recommended, peace of mind, device for insurance and litigation protection, you can even record your road trip!

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