Fridges - National Luna

Introducing one of the best things you can take into the great outdoors. Our selection of National Luna Fridges will keep anything cool while you are on the road and out and about.

The Weekender 52 Lt offers real world storage capacity and can be used as all Fridge or all Freezer and holds a whopping 84 cans (std 375ml drink cans). 12/ 24v DC and 240v AC are all built in and the unit will automatically select to run on mains power whenever it is available - but revert to battery power if the mains go off. An LED Battery Monitor is built in to the control panel so you can see at a glance how much battery capacity you have left - great for planning ahead!

Complete with a digital thermostat that can be set down to as low as minus 30°C ensures the unit maintains your desired temperature range without the need to adjust for hotter or colder weather.

Textured aluminium outer cabinet and smooth aluminium internal lining to give the lightest possible overall weight. (Stainless steel model also available).

The Weekender 50 Lt Twin is a great concept offering a 40Lt Fridge with a seperate 10Lt Freezer and a simple single digital temperature control and all in a light and compact unit. Ripple Stainless steel outer cabinet and smooth aluminium internal lining. (Stainless steel model also available).

On all Weekender models, the lid can be changed to open from the front or from the RH end. Just relocate the hinges and catches to the other location and change back again if ever necessary.

The National Luna selection is fantastic and a must have when you are out there carving out your own adventure. Autospark is always happy to offer helpful advice and information, just ask us.

"You run a very efficient and professional business and I would not hesitate in recommending you. Keep up the good work..."

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