Black Knight Global

Sadly, car theft is a fact of life. We can take a world of precautions, but what to do about it after it has happened?

Black Knight Global Tracking Systems is the smallest and simplest way to protect your investment, with:

  • "One-button" start, and simple online activation
  • Real-time tracking via smartphone, with unsurpassed accuracy
  • Global coverage
  • Virtual "geofence" alarm around your vehicle
  • High-security asset protection with NanoTag microtagging tools

With the advent and rise in popularity of Smart Phones, Tablets and the like, these days technology is diversifying. So why not into vehicles?

Black Knight allows you to track where you vehicle is in the event of the unthinkable happening to your pride & joy - theft. All from an app on your smart device. Black Knight Global Tracking Systems is the smallest and simplest way to protect your investment. From Autospark, just $599 includes the unit, fitting and the first 12 months protection (then $12 per month thereafter).

And this is not just restricted to your car either, imagine the peace of mind for your expensive Boat, Truck, Caravan and more...

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Black Knight Global

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