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A lot of cars these days have SS Technology. In a nutshell, this means that the vehicle will stop, turn off the engine at traffic lights and restart to go - a fuel saving feature. The primary issue with this form of technology is that it requires a different kind of car battery. Exide range.

Start Stop Batteries
New S/S Technology

With the advent of this kind of tech, a lot more is required of the humble car battery. Systems need to be kept powered while the engines stops on idle, it also needs to have suffient power to restart the enginge. Add to that the amount of times this needs to happen over the reasonable life of a battery and you have a special needs situation.

Regenerative Braking

Effectively, this is technology used on vehicles with SS Technology and hybrid/electric vehicles to turn kinetic energy into electricty. Once a driver lifts the foot off the accelerator, the regeneritive braking system converts the vehicles kinetic energy into electrical energy.

The friction generated inside the motor creates electricity that slows the forward motion of the vehicle and generates power that is used to help recharge the battery. This technology varies for hybrid electric and full electric vehicles.

Start/Stop Battery Buyers Beware

Technology in vehicles is moving rapidly. Once upon a time, all batteries were more or less the same. These days, that couldn't be further from the truth. You can rely on Austospark to be up with the latest advances and information to provide you with the absolute best advice and products to keep you moving.

You need to be aware of some pitfalls with cheapie batteries - you get what you pay for! We only supply top quality, well warrantied batteries to support the safest and most reliable requirements for all vehicles. Autospark is always happy to provide you with the information you need to make the right choice.

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