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Dual batteries from just $880... (Pricing Subject to Specific Requirements)

The role of car batteries has changed. Today an auto battery can affect such things as correct fuel supply, EFI systems and sensitive electronics. Near enough is not good enough. You have to have the right car battery or truck battery to fit every vehicle, and that's what you will find at Autospark.

We offer a comprehensive range and provide a full truck battery & car battery replacement service.

The battery is the backbone of your vehicle's electrical system. It supplies power to the starter motor and ignition system. You should have your car batteries and connections checked regularly. We supply and fit new car batteries to all vehicles, motorcycles, caravans, commercial vehicles and marine craft.

Cheap car batteries vs recognised brands such as Exide

A cheap car battery might sound appealing at first, but you'll quickly learn the price of unreliability when a cold winter's morning means your car won't start. Often these bargain basement auto batteries have just a 6 month warranty. The Exide car batteries sold through Autospark have a 2 year month warranty and come with a FREE 6 months extended warranty for incredible peace of mind.

  • Aircon regas
  • Car air conditioning servicing
  • Car air conditioning repairs
  • Recharging car aircon systems
  • Treatment for bacteria
Choosing the right battery for your car

You may think a battery is a battery, but with car batteries, if you fit the wrong battery type for your make and model, it can have disastrous consequences. Poor battery selection negatively affects fuel supply efficiency, EFI systems and sensitive electronics. You can be sure an Autospark technician will recommend the correct car battery every time.

Why choose an Exide Car Battery?
  1. Designed and built for Australian conditions including our sweltering summers and freezing winters so your battery won't let you down
  2. Nationwide warranty with free extended warranty so you can always find an Exide service centre near you
  3. An Autospark battery price includes supply and professional installation so you know the job is done right

New Reliable Range (to suit all budgets)
Car Batteries
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