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How to Regas Your Car's Air Conditioner

MAR 2019

If your car's air conditioner isn't cooling or there's a damp smell coming from the air vents, it's time for a regas. Rattling or other noises coming from the unit can also be a sign a service is due.

How to choose the right Auto Electrician

JAN 2019

Cars, trucks and boats have come a long way technologically over the last decade, and these developments have brought with it an increase in demand for professional Auto Electricians.

How to Replace a Car Battery

AUG 2018

Many car owners may be familiar with replacing a car battery, however giving your battery the treatment it deserves can sometimes take extra care.

Why is My Car Battery Flat? 5 Tips to Diagnose Problems

FEB 2018

Flat car batteries never happen at a convenient time. It's always when you're in a hurry – late for work, picking up the kids or on the way to that very important meeting.

A Brief History Of Car Air Conditioning

SEPT 2017

Air conditioning comes standard in almost every car sold throughout the world today. In the earlier days of motoring, vehicles were primarily open-bodied so manufacturers believed no special provisions were required.

5 Ways Investing in a Quality Car Battery Can Save You Money

JULY 2017

Buying cheap almost always means forking out more money down the track. Whilst the inexpensive price tag seems like a fantastic bargain initially, quality investments encourage better savings.

5 Top Tips for Preventative Car Maintenance

MAY 2017

If you're looking to keep your car running well over the long term, there are several details you must keep in mind. One of them is preventative car maintenance.

Car Air Conditioning - Frequently Asked Questions

MARCH 2017

Your vehicle's air conditioning system is located in many different areas of the car. They're all connected by rubber hoses and seals. When you turn on the air conditioning, the system is subject to plenty of wear and tear due to temperature changes, vibrations, and corrosion.

6 Ways to Enhance your Car's Features


If you're considering upgrading your vehicle or looking to enhance its natural features, here's the top auto improvements that can boost your driving experience and better your ride.

5 Signs You May Need a New Alternator


Although it's a relatively simple part of an automobile, a properly functioning alternator is critical to the functioning and efficiency of any vehicle. When an alternator fails, the vehicle may not run, and you may notice electrical issues and low fuel mileage.

The Differences Between a Car Battery and a Marine Battery


Whether by land or sea, when you're getting around in a motorized structure, you're depending on the wonders of battery technology! However, the battery that sits in your car, truck, or ute is remarkably different to the one that powers your boat.

5 Cost Effective Ways to Improve Your Car

JULY 2016

Whether you want to keep up with the Joneses with the latest gadgets or you just want to breathe new life into your old ride, there's cost effective improvements you can start implementing today to boost your car. Here's a few financially smart options to improve its value or performance.

5 Tips to make your Car Child Friendly

MAY 2016

Travelling with kids can be hard work. Whilst you're trying to concentrate on the road; your little one will be wanting to play, explore or ask over and over again "are we there yet?" It makes for an interesting trip – regardless of how far you're travelling.

How to Choose the Correct Battery for Your Car


Choosing the right battery for your car is imperative for a reliable and long lasting ride. Without a healthy battery, proper vehicle operation is impossible as your battery is the key component in helping to start the engine and keep all electronics running.

A How to Guide in Diagnosing Your Auto Electrics


When it comes to diagnosing electric problems in your car, it can be one of the most frustrating and expensive issues. And not just to diagnose – but to repair too!

Why is my Car Air Conditioning Not Working?


If it's one of those days when putting down windows won't be enough to cool down, then the last thing you want is your car air conditioning not working.

How Often Does Car Air Conditioning need to be Re-gassed?

JUNE 2015

Especially in Australia, having a working air conditioning unit in your car is fairly essential. There's nothing as frustrating as getting into your car on a hot summer's day only to be greeted by warm stuffy air.

Don't Get Caught in the Cold

JUNE 2015

With the cold season here, now is the best time to prepare your car for a safe and reliable journey this winter. There's nothing more inconvenient than being stuck on the side of the road with a broken down car or dead battery on a cold and windy day.

Invest in Your Car this Winter

JUNE 2015

Are you considering any upgrades to your car this winter? Here are a few investments which would be worth your while. For example, electric brakes can provide more stopping power than standard brakes. With the ability to adjust them according to the load you are pulling, they are especially preferred for caravans, trailers or towed vehicles.

Signs Your Car Needs a New Battery


Did you know that a car battery replacement isn't required for three years? This is due to the fact that an average battery lasts for that period of time under normal circumstances. However, this is a purely theoretical estimate because for that kind of shelf life, there shouldn't be any temperature change the battery is subjected to, it should complete full charge cycles without interruptions, power shouldn't be distributed among other accessories, and it has to be hooked up to a consistent charging system.

Tips for Selecting Car Batteries


A car battery in prime condition is imperative when it comes to the vehicle functioning properly. It is vital that you purchase a battery of the highest quality in order to ensure that the engine starts properly, the electronics run smoothly, and the accessories operate without any trouble. However, car batteries slowly die out with time even with the best of care, so get it tested at a dealership, and if it is recommended that you get a new one, do so right away.

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