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Most cars in and around the Rockingham area get used to long drives back and forth to the Perth metro area. That can mean extra wear and tear on the car's auto electrics, especially in summer when your car's electrical system really gets a good workout with aircon use and overheating.

To make sure your car is running in tip top shape, talk to us at Autospark Auto Electrician Rockingham. We carry out free battery testing so you'll never get caught without power.

Perhaps you have a concern about your lighting - check it fast to avoid danger at night. Trying to sell a car without an immobiliser? Call us for more information on our impressive range of government approved products.

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"Having decided that having a reversing camera retro-fitted to our car was a safe choice, because of our 3 young kids, we were so happy with the advice and fitting done by your staff. It was a tricky job, but you guys came through with flying colours. Thank you so much, we are very satisfied..."

Bryan & Kate P - ROCKINGHAM

"Our air conditioning was not keeping us cool anymore, I am so happy we decided to have it checked over by your staff. Some minor repairs and a regas was all it took to get it back into shape. I really thought it was going to cost so much more to repair. Thanks for the advice and work done to bring it back to life, as good as new..."


Should you have an enquiry, you can call anytime during business hours on 9256 4200, or submit your enquiry below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Please provide your contact info and the vehicle's Rego Details so we can acurately identify your vehicle's make and model to answer your enquiry effectively.

Interlocks Supplier

Government Approved

Smart Start Interlocks supports drink drive offenders. An alcohol ignition interlock device (IID) designed to prevent the participants vehicle from starting if alcohol is present on their breath. The device will measure and record the level of alcohol and record the measurement each time the user takes a test. This information is downloaded by your local alcohol interlock service centre on a monthly basis and forwarded to the authorities upon request.

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