Autospark in the community

As a part of the Western Australian landscape for over 30 years, Autospark believes in adopting a responsibility for the community.


In that, we have been an active and proud supporter of the national The Cancer Council's "Daffodil Day" for a long time. During August, Autospark will donate the recycling fees from your old battery when purchasing a new one at any of our locations. This ensures correct environmentally conscious disposal and we get to help the Cancer Council's worthy cause, a win win!

It's simply a matter of people helping people in the best possible way. If you have a Mother, Father, Sister, Brother or Best Friend, there's every chance your life will be touched by cancer. No matter who you are, Daffodil Day is for you and they need your support.

Daffodil Day was first held by the Canadian Cancer Society in the early 1980s, and by the NSW Cancer Council in 1986. Established as an Australia-wide event in 1992, it has become the largest fund raising event of its kind in the southern hemisphere. The Cancer Council raises millions each Daffodil Day, providing vital funds for research, education and support services, for us all.

Autospark looks forward to this years event. Daffodil Day officially falls on the fourth Friday in August each year. Visit the official Daffodil Day website here.


As a part of our environmental consciousness, we are very keen to find new and better ways to play our role in eco-care. It is important for all of us to adopt a serious responsibility in the care of our planet in everything we do.

For example, our Scrap Batteries are disposed of in an environmental manner and as a bonus, any proceeds from the sale of scrap batteries are donated to The Cancer Council's Daffodil Day.

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